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The Method International
Sense Memory Technique

FREE Online Workshop

February 3rd - March 10th (5 weeks)
(No class Feb. 17th)
11:00am to 1:00pm
(Central Time)


The Method International held by Valentina Mariucci is inspired by the Strasberg Method, one of the most important and successful acting techniques, a concrete discipline, a revolutionary sequence of training exercises, based on mental and physical relaxation, on sense and emotional memory and on the willingness to lead actors to discover and fulfill their whole and most authentic potential.

Strasberg’s technique, as Strasberg himself used to say, is “an amalgam of the work of Stanislavski, Vakhtangov, Meyerhold and the Group Theatre”, a detailed study and an evolution of the main innovations brought by the Russian Theatre. Through a careful observation of the human behavior, through his studies and intuitions, Strasberg managed to guide actors towards a personal investigation and search for truthfulness, towards the abolition of any structure, emotional block or judgement, towards the sincere transformation into a real and veritable character with his/her own way of thinking and moving.

The Method International is a journey in which every actor takes up a truthful transformation, by getting rid of all the habits and tensions, which prevent us from being fully expressive and artistically creative. Each actor will go through an evolutive path where the most important thing is the effort and commitment to get to the result, and not the result itself. There is no judgment. Everything is based on the truth and authenticity of the moment. Every movement, every breath, every word is something new for the actor. Every exercise is a gift, a research, an inspection, a true artistic and human discovery.

This workshop will be held via Zoom, a free program you can download to your phone, computer or tablet.  We highly recommend downloading Zoom in advance to avoid any issues signing on for the workshop.

This program is very popular, so register early while slots are still available. Space will be limited. You don’t want to miss it!


Valentina Mariucci

“Valentina Mariucci is an Italian actress, director, singer, writer and acting teacher focused on the Strasberg Method. After her classical high school studies, she graduates in Law from Bocconi University Law School in Milan and attends several courses in the USA, specifically at Harvard University in Boston and Fordham Law School in New York.
After graduation she decides to completely devote herself to music and theatre. She attends Accademia09 School of Performing Arts in Milan and in 2012 she begins to work as an actress and singer on very famous stages such as The Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan, Teatro Princesse Grace of Montecarlo, Teatro Zelig Off of Milan, Teatro Manhattan of Rome.

In 2013 she is selected as translator and teaching assistant for the Master Class about the Strasberg Method held in Milan by Lola Cohen, who was Strasberg’s student herself and who is considered the most influential Strasberg Method acting coach and representative at present. This precious collaboration went on for six years and led Valentina to be personally trained by Lola Cohen as a Method teacher and to create her own workshop, “The Method International”.

Since 2018 she has been holding the “The Method International” in several schools and theatres worldwide, among which: Teatro Las Sillas in Mendoza, Argentina; Edinburg Acting School, Edinburgh, Scotland; Scuola di Cinema Immagina in Florence, Italy; Michail Checov Studio in Chieti, Italy; Accademia Nico Pepe, Udine, Italy; Accademia Cinema Toscana, Lucca, Italy; Modena Workshop Theatre, Modena, Italy; Accademia Talenti Nascenti, Lecce, Italy.

Among her most important roles as an actress, Valentina is touring many Italian theatres by performing Eva Cassidy in “Eva Cassidy”, a biographical play dedicated to the American singer directed by Luca Pasquinelli, and by playing the comically troubled Anna, main and only character in “A cena con Anna”, a play directed by Elisabetta Vicenzi and based on the renowned “Anna Cappelli” by Annibale Ruccello which was selected to be showed inside the main prison of Milan, “Casa Circondariale San Vittore”, male and female department, where Valentina is a volunteering teacher and actress.
As a director, she wrote and directed the play “La luce del buio”, which debuted in Milan and toured several Italian theatres.
As a singer, she is also known as Eriis and she released her first album “Eriis + the Boxroom” in all the musical digital platforms in 2019.
As a writer, she published her first poetry collection “La luce del buio” in 2015 and she was included in the “Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Italian Poets 2019”.

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